How To Use UNLI Marketing To Generate Unlimited Social Media Traffic

Ways on how to get Unlimited Social Traffic

Generating Unlimited Social Media Traffic is a dream of all the Bloggers who don’t have patience with Search Engine Optimization long processes.

Earning decent amount of money with Google Adsense and Facebook Instant Article is really hard for beginners that’s why created this Digital Marketing Tool to help them.

Imagine thousands of Bloggers are wasting their money paying their Hosting Provider without getting anything in return, wasting their time writing contents that don’t give a good spikes of traffic, it’s sad and irritating indeed.

Now, you can earn more for lifetime! you can now save your time doing manual social media sharing and posting, and you can get more and more social media organic traffic that Google loved.


Search Engine Optimization is really good, but using UNLI is a lot way better.

UNLI Marketing SEO vs UNLI

In order for you to get organic traffic from SEO then you need to master all the processes above, doing Onsite and Offsite SEO takes a lot of time, waiting for Google to index your site and backlinks is time-consuming. You don’t have any assurance if your selected keywords that you work hard for ranking will be on the 1st page of the search engine, and you should consider spying your competitors also for each keyword. This is really insanely a time-waster procedure!. I am an SEO Specialist and I do understand how hard to start doing all these processes for beginners.

UNLI Marketing simplify everything to get what the Bloggers and Social Media Managers wants, TRAFFIC and FOLLOWERS. Our system is very on-point and straight-forward, also, it’s very easy to use. Even non-technical people can use and manage it without any issues and wasting time. Every second counts, UNLI Marketing gets real results that you can monitor on real-time.


5 Things Needed To Start

I assume that you have all these already, if not then better to read my articles on how to make them properly.

Generate Traffic To Your Blog-site

I know you are really excited now, but I want you to pay attention to this guide seriously.


UNLI Marketing Generate Traffic

Let's begin...

  • 1. Login to your UNLI Marketing and UNLI Link Shorter account.
  • 2. Prepare your Facebook Groups and Pages
If you don’t know how to use UNLI MArketing yet please read this TUTORIAL. You need to complete the settings before proceeding to this guide.
UNLI Link Shorter is a URL Shorter like Bitly and Rebrand, if you don’t have idea on how to use an URL Shortener then I will explain this here.

UNLI Link Shortener
UNLIL.COM is an advanced URL Shortener that is used to track and monitor your website’s link clicks. It has Splash Pages and Overlay Pages to add more value to your created shortened links.
UNLI Link Shortener

How to use it?

Copy your target blog-site post URL and paste it to UNLIL Short URL Generator.

UNLIL Shortener

After shortening your blog post URL be sure to copy the generated shortened link. If you forget to copy it just refresh your UNLIL page and the click counter will show, you can copy the link now.

UNLIL Shortened Link

If everything are set properly and you already know how the UNLI Marketing and UNLIL works then you can start building traffics to your website or blog-site.

UNLI Marketing + UNLIL + Facebook Groups and Pages

  • Scheduled CTA Posting with shortened URL on Facebook Pages.

Scheduled Social Posts

Copy your shortened URL from UNLIL, go to UNLI Marketing (Social Posting) then create a CTA Post and Paste that link. Check the photo below for reference.


CTA Post of UNLI Marketing is very powerful traffic generator, the shared URL link will a CTA Button in the right-bottom of your post, regular URL post doesn’t have it.

You can schedule the post and make a REPOST with Time Interval, with this feature your followers will see your post according to how many times that you set it. Imagine having multiple Facebook Pages with huge followers, it’s win-win situation for you!.

Note that you can also select multiple Pages to post your blog articles. You can also integrate the Auto Comment Reply to get all the people who commented to your post, don’t forget to put your website or blog-site to your Comment and Reply Templates to boost more traffic.

If you have a Group with large members you can also use UNLI Marketing Social Posting (MULTIMEDIA POST), there are 4 types of posting that are very useful there, post scheduling is also active.

UNLI Broadcasting + UNLIL + Page Subscribers

This is my favorite feature of UNLI Marketing, and we tested it hundred times, it’s result is 100% effective, we are not boasting or bragging, this is real.

Broadcasting is one of the major feature of our system, users can able to tap all his Subscribers (Facebook Messenger, SMS, Email). This is the most advanced bulk sender so far, we checked all our other competitors but our system provides better results.

Important: Make sure that you already MIGRATED ALL YOUR SUBSCRIBERS TO BOT. If you didn’t do that yet, better to check the UNLI Marketing Tutorial HERE.

How to Set the UNLI Broadcasting for Generating Traffic?
Use the same shortened URL link you created from UNLIL.COM, go to your UNLI Marketing Dashboard and click BROADCASTING, then click SUBSCRIBER BROADCAST.
This feature will let you send bulk messages to all your Facebook Page subscribers directly on their Facebook Messenger.
Follow These Steps
  1. Click Create Campaign
  2. Type a Campaign Name
  3. Choose the Facebook Page that you will be sending bulk messages (You will see the Page Subscribers and Targeted Reach on the right side (Numbers of Subscribers)
  4. Choose NON PROMO as the Broadcast Type
  5. Choose ACCOUNT_UPDATE as the Message Tag
Please check the Photo below for reference
 Disregard the TARGETING OPTIONS if you don’t have specific subscribers group that you want to use for sending bulk message broadcast.
Subscriber Messenger Broadcast

Complete the Campaign Details

  • Choose Text with Button for SELECT MESSAGE TYPE
  • Add your Message, include your shortened URL  on the message that you will be sending.
  • Write a Button Text, select WEB URL on Button Type then paste the shortened URL on WEB URL tab.
  • You can also add UNSUBSCRIBE button, this is Optional.
  • You can now Start the Campaign or Schedule it according to your preference.
Subscriber Messenger Template

SMS and EMAIL Broadcasting

Use the SMS and EMAIL Broadcasting Feature to send unlimited message campaigns to your subscribers. 

Make sure that you created your Contact Group on Subscriber Manager before using this feature.

Use Twilio API for SMS and Amazon SES for EMAIL.

I will be writing more ways on how to use UNLI Marketing effectively. I hope this guides could help you get more unlimited social media traffic. Thank you and don’t forget to Like and Follow us on Facebook

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