Most Advanced Instagram Digital Marketing App

You can now build your Brand successfully on Instagram! Send Bulk Messages, Auto Reply, Scheduled Posting and more.

Instagram Home

Cloud Application

You can now manage multiple Instagram Accounts anywhere with your favorite PC or Laptop

Great Dashboard

UNLI Instagram Dashboard is very user-friendly! even those non-technical Marketers can use it

Bulk Messaging

Sending bulk messages to all your followers is now possible with UNLI Instagram Messaging


Built by Experts on Digital World

The only Instagram Digital Marketing App that developed for Business Owners, Bloggers, Recruiters, and Internet Marketers. Now we simplify everything to manage your IG Accounts and start building your success without hiring SSM.

Let's start!

Instagram Home 3

Click “Accounts” on dashboard menu and you will be redirected to this Page. This will be your Accounts Dashboard for Adding or Deleting.


Click “Add Accounts” tab and add your Account Username and Password. Use Proxy IP for additional security.

Add Account

UNLI Instagram Lists Option

Messages Lists

Create your messages lists that you will be using on sending bulk messages to your followers, following, USERS LIST and direct contacted. You will need this Messages List also for AutoPilot message feature.

Lists Messages

Users Lists

These are the Users  List that will be going to use on sending bulk messages. You can add users individually or by multiple Instagram usernames, this Page is mainly for adding or deleting Users for bulk sending.

Lists Users

Bulk Direct Message Sending

This feature makes our UNLI Instagram App the best tool for Marketing your Brand, you can now send bulk messages to all your followers, following, Users List and to all the people contacted your IG Account directly. This Feature is packed with Message Types, start sending messages from your Message List, Add Custom Text, Send Likes and Hashtags, Photos and Video is now available to send, you can also use your Posted Links on sending messages.

Send Messages

Message AutoPilot

This advanced feature is simply amazing!, this will help you manage your Instagram Accounts efficiently without losing too much of your TIME. Let our UNLI AutoPilot do the most time-consuming task for your!. Send Auto Messages using your Messages List or create a Custom Text to send automatically to your New Followers, Unfollowers, New Following and Unfollowing. Schedule which date or time you want to send your messages, yes! that’s possible now.

Auto Pilot

UNLI Direct Messenger

Direct Messenger

Manage your Business in a single Page

We do understand that it’s really hard to reply to all the messages especially if you have large followers, now it’s possible!. You can now send reply directly to all your followers with UNLI Direct Messenger. This Feature could help you gain more sales and trust to your potential customers and followers.

Next Generation Posting

Scheduled Instagram Posting

Managing multiple accounts is not a problem anymore! start using our very own UNLI Posting feature and see the difference. You can Upload all your files to our server for Post, Album and Story posting. Use our advanced post scheduling feature to save your time and do more other important things.