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Handling Social Media for Personal or Clients use is a time-consuming tasks, NOT TODAY! Our UNLI Marketing App is now part of your Team. Using our App can save you more of our valuable TIME, you can now Automate your tasks and manage more Clients Social Media Accounts.

Digital Marketing

UNLI Marketing Features

Our main Goal is to provide the most advanced Digital Marketing Tool that could help millions of Online Marketers, Vloggers, Bloggers, and Business Owners reach great results.

Comment Automation

Automate almost everything on Social Media, from Comment Reply to Messenger Reply.

Broadcasting Senders

Send Promo Messages or NON-Promo Messages to Messenger Subscribers, also SMS and Email.

Subscriber Manager

Manage all your subscribers by Group, Contact Book, Assign Labels and Sync to BOTS.

Social Media Posting

Automate and Schedule Social Media Posting to Timeline, Pages and Groups in just few clicks.

Messenger Bot

Grow your Followers list by using our BOT and Messenger Engagement features.

Competitor Search Tool

Compare your Website and Social Media Account to your Competitors with our Advance Search Tool.

App ScreenShots

Stop Dreaming! Start Building your Social Media Marketing skills with our UNLI.io Digital Marketing Application.

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Why Use UNLI Marketing?

One Time Payment and FREE 11 More Months for First 200 Users!

Ecommerce Store

Build your very own Ecommerce Store with your Facebook Page Messenger and start selling your products to your subscribers in just few steps.


Bulk Message Sender

Send Promotional or Non-promotion Messages to all your Facebook Page Subscribers without limits. Get more Page Followers in just a week!


SMS Message Sender

Use our SMS and Email Sender for unlimited number of subscribers. Our system is partnered with trusted companies API.


Great Tools - Great

We Don't Waste Time

We developed our marketing tool to help and support Digital Marketers, Vloggers, Bloggers, and Business Owners to get their primary goal – SUCCESS.

UNLI.io Team by SaGuLi Inc. is not just a system, we are a Marketing and Advertising Company in busiest place in the World, New York. We do understand that your time is the most valuable, just like us. We don’t just promise that you will get a great results, this is our commitment to give you the greatest results with our marketing tools.

Great Result

UNLI Marketing is Not for Everyone

UNLI Marketing is only for individuals who wants to get more Page Followers, Instagram Followers, YouTube Subscribers, More Product Sales and New Customers.

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More FB Page Followers

UNLI Marketing is designed to tap all the people who comment to your post by auto comment reply and auto reply to messenger inbox and more.

Instagram Icon

More IG Followers

Instagram Marketing Tool is solely designed to manage IG Accounts by sending auto message to followers, unfollows and more.

YouTube Icon

More YouTube Subscribers

You can use UNLI Marketing to drag all your FB Page Followers to subscribe in your YouTube Channel with our FB Bulk Message Sender.

More Sales

More Product Sales

Our Ecommerce FB Messenger Store is the most reliable way to sell your products to your FB Subscribers with 0 Cost.

More New Customers

Get more customer leads by using our Messenger BOT to get new customers Email Address and Phone Number in just few clicks.

Website Organic Traffic

Safest and Google loved social media traffic is now very easy to get with UNLI Marketing Tool. Check our Blog Post for the tutorials.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any other questions please feel free to message us. We are here to guide and help you understand how all our Products works.

Marketing Questions 1

Yes, UNLI Marketing is on the only Social Media Marketing Tool that can be use to get more organic traffic from Social Media such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest, it's 100% Google Adsense Safe.

Yes, this tool is designed to directly show your Brand Name (YouTube Channel, FB Pages, IG Account) to all your subscribers. You can send SMS, Email, and Bulk Messages to Facebook Messenger with URL redirected to your Channel and Pages.

As a registered company in United States, New York, we partnered with PayPal and Stripe for Business use. We are using SSL certificate to our website to make 100% sure that your payment details will be safe.

We provide a Trial Period for all our products for you to be sure if you need it or not, all the paid plans are not refundable. If you encounter any issues you can contact our support anytime.

Try our UNLI Marketing

Unlimited 9 Social Media Posting, Automated Post Scheduling, Bulk Facebook Messenger, SMS and Email Broadcasting, BOT Automation and a lot more!.