UNLI Marketing Create E-Commerce Store In Facebook Messenger

This tutorial will guide you on how to create your very own E-commerce Store With UNLI Marketing in Facebook Messenger.

We know that E-commerce is the backbone to build business worldwide. By the way, Alongside all-powerful features of UNLI Marketing has integrated today the world’s most powerful E-commerce platform to make your business more flexible.

This blog is to guide you on how you can integrate your E-commerce store inside Facebook Messenger with UNLI.io

Store Section:

Follow the below guideline which may help you to proceed:

First of all, go to the Messenger Bot -> Messenger e-commerce store (Stores) menu to create your eCommerce store.

Ecommerce Store

Create Store

There are two options inside the form:

Creating Your Store

Store Information: Fill up all the required fields which are the basic information about your store.

Confirmation Message: This section contains the confirmation message when the checkout gets completed. SMS and Email Confirmation are also available. So you can add SMS and Email confirmation on checkout completion. (img)

  • After creating a store, go to the Actions dropdown which is located at the top right corner. In the dropdown, you will find all the options regarding your shop. You can update the shop, add a category, add attributes, etc.

Creating Your Store 1

Now go to the Categories menu from the dropdown.

Add your store product categories from here by click on the Add Categories button. You can see all the category lists of your store here.

Store Category

Store Category 2

Store Category 3

After adding categories, now go to Attributes menu from the Actions dropdown. Add your product attributes from here by click on the Add Attributes button.

Store Attribute

Store Attribute 2

Now go to Products menu from the Actions dropdown to add your products.

Click on Add Products button and you’ll see the product info form for adding product. Fill up the all required information about your product.

Store Products

Store Products 2

Now go to copy URL menu from the dropdown to see URLs which will be used in your messenger bot settings for bot reply.

  • Store URL: All the store URLs will be shown here with the categories.
  • Order URL: Here order URL will be shown.
  • Product URL: All of your added products URL will be shown here.

Now you have to set Messenger bot for Ecommerce store action.

N.B: You have to create bot as webview otherwise your copied URL from E-commerce store will not work.

Payment Section:

Now go to Messenger Bot -> Messenger e-commerce store (Payment Accounts) menu to set up your payment system.

Store Payment Gateway

Now you’re completely set to start selling from your eCommerce store through Facebook Messenger with UNLI Marketing.

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