UNLI Marketing Guidelines and Tutorial

What is UNLI Marketing?

UNLI Marketing is an Application Tool for Digital Marketing specifically for Vloggers, Bloggers, Internet Marketers, Recruiters and Business Owners.

Posting on multiple social media platforms with schedule system and automation is now possible with UNLI.io.

Use our Application for Bulk Message sending to all your Page Followers, Unlimited SMS Sending and Unlimited Email Newsletter Campaigns. 

Build millions of subscribers and tap their attention with our advanced system.

UNLI Marketing Features

Currently, UNLI Marketing has 6 major features that you can use to start building Facebook Page Followers, Instagram Followers, Website Traffic, and Company Brand Awareness.

  • Comment Automation
  • Subscriber Manager
  • Messenger Bot
  • Broadcasting
  • Social Posting
  • Search Tools

How to start using our Application

I know you are excited to use our great application, first you need to know more how it works. This tutorial will guide you to get great results without wasting your time.

You can refer to the UNLI Marketing Features for the complete guidelines and tutorial of each feature.

Let's begin...

First you need to register a Trial Account. We have FREE to try account to test and check our system it’s completely free.

UNLI Marketing Register

After creating your Trial Account you can now proceed to Login Page and you will be redirected to UNLI Marketing Dashboard.

UNLI Marketing Dashboard

UNLI Marketing Dashboard

Our dashboard is very simple and easy to use even to those non-technical digital marketers can handle our system.

What to do next?

To start using our system you need to import your Facebook Account, our system will automatically import all your Pages and Groups.

UNLI Marketing Import Account

Your account is now ready! Congratulations! 

Now click the PLUG Icon to Enable Bot Connection. Once done you can now start building your Automation Template from COMMENT AUTOMATION Feature. Please read the guidelines and tutorial of this Feature from HERE.

Be sure to make all your Comment and Reply Templates that suits your Facebook Page products and services.

Refer to this Photo Below

UNLI Marketing Comment Automation

After setting-up all your Comment and Reply Templates you can now start building all your subscribers from the SUBSCRIBER MANAGER Feature, please refer to the UNLI Marketing Features to know more about Subscriber Manager HERE.

Refer to this Photo Below

First, click the Labels/Tags then CREATE NEW Labels/Tags for your Facebook Page.

Second, click the Sync Subscriber to connect all your subscribers to the BOT, this is important for sending bulk message sending directly on Facebook Messenger of your subscribers. 


For Pages with less Followers/Subscribers just click SCAN PAGE INBOX

For Pages with huge Followers/Subscribers just click BACKGROUND SCANNING

Wait the scanning process… Once done you need to migrate all your Conversation Subscribers to BOT Subscribers.


To migrate all your subscribers to BOT you need to follow these 2 very simple steps.

  1. Click the Subscriber List (See List)
  2. Click the OPTION button and click MIGRATE FULL LIST TO BOT
Now you can use the Broadcasting Feature later to send bulk messages with your website link to all your BOT Subscribers.

4 Ways To Connect With Your Subscribers

  • Subscriber Broadcast
  • SMS Broadcast
  • Email Broadcast
  • Social CTA Posting

These are the most powerful way on how to tap all your subscribers attention. You just need to follow my strategies on how to build more Subscribers to your list.

UNLI Marketing is indeed the most complete Digital Marketing Tool ever developed in the whole World!. There are unlimited ways on how to use it to get more positive results.

Please don’t forget to Like and Follow our Page to get our Tutorial and Guide Updates directly to your Facebook Messenger, SMS or Email.

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