UNLI Marketing One Time Notifications For Facebook Messenger

What is One Time Notification (OTN)?

As you know Facebook Messenger Platform doesn’t allow sending a message after 24 hours of last interaction by any subscriber.

Once any subscriber interacts with your Messenger, you have 24 hour time to send a promotional message as many as you want (Don’t spam).

After 24 hours, you are not allowed to send any message (Except using some specific tag only for the non-promotional message.)
Here One Time Notification API is provided by Facebook to send promotional messages after 24 hours window.

The Messenger Platform’s One-Time Notification API (Beta) allows a page to request a user to send one follow-up message after 24-hour messaging window has ended. The user will be offered to receive a future notification. Once the user asks to be notified, the page will receive a token which is an equivalent to a permission to send a single message to the user. The token can only be used once and will expire within 1 year of creation

Promotional Messages

Why it’s so important?

After deprecated sending messages after 24 hours, OTN is the only option to send a promotional message now.

OTN message sending happens in two steps. First, you will need to set a bot that asked for permission to send future promo messages regarding any specific offer.

Later, you will be able to broadcast messages to those people, have given permission for sending a message.

So, asking this permission & Opt-in by subscribers is super easy. Users just need a click to get subscribed to it.

And that’s guaranteed & fully proved that Messenger has almost 95%+ open rate. So it’s a hundred times better than sending email broadcast.

Just imagine, if you have 500 users subscribed for Black Friday offer or any other promotional campaign, once you broadcast them, almost 450+ people will open it.

How to use One Time Notification Features in UNLI Marketing?

First, you will need to apply for One Time Notification Access from Facebook Pages. It’s just a click easy.

  • Go to your Facebook Page and click the SETTINGS

Facebook Page Messenger Settings

  • Scroll down until you find the REQUESTED FEATURES the click the One-time notification REQUEST.

Facebook Page Messenger Settings Features

Facebook Page Messenger Settings Request

Click CONFIRM, you can now use your UNLI Marketing and your Page in sending Promotional Messages.

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