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Website Comparison & Place Search In Facebook With UNLI Marketing

Today we’re going to introduce our new features of UNLI Marketing, It’s Search Marketing and Comparison Marketing. That’s really so many powerful tools from many aspects.

1. For comparing website existence on Facebook.

2. Place Search on Facebook.

Search Tools

Comparing website existence on Facebook helps you to know, how many times your website shares, reaction, comment, on Facebook for the website. Also, you can see your website title, description & Meta information updated time. A comparison between websites will give you a clear idea about the existence/marketing strategy on Facebook for each company. How much each they are sharing on Facebook, how much engagement, share they are getting.

UNLI Marketing Website Comparison

Search Place on Facebook, you can search through some filters, and see search results very easily instead of using Facebook. Place Search comes with a lot of information. These search tools may help you to get new clients for website design, social media marketing, graphics design, or SEO marketing.

Before you go place search you need to know latitude & longitude. How to find latitude & longitude? Go to this website https://www.latlong.net.  After the place search, it shows the city, country, phone no, website, about, and many more.

UNLI Marketing Place Search

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